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Benjamin Natural Honey

Honey is a natural liquid sweet substance that arises when honeybees collect nectar from flowers and then convert them. The nectar is converted into honey by adding enzymes as well as thickening by evaporation. Honey is used by humans as a food. Throughout history, honey has been an important foodstuff. Honey has been found in Egyptian royal tombs that were still suitable for consumption. This is because the concentration of water in honey is very low and bacteria cannot thrive because of this.

Benjamin Natural Honey is produced by the best beekeepers from Bulgaria. Our partners are independent beekeepers, owners of bee farms with more than 4 generations of experience and competence in the field of honey! Our bee farms are located in recognized ecological areas and at a great distance from industry and other forms of air and water pollution! Benjamin honey bee farmers work qualitatively at the highest levels, with traditional standards and values since generations.

The traditional Bulgarian honey is of a very high quality and with very good specifications, thanks to the high biodiversity of herbs and honey vegetation. Our Bee farmers in Bulgaria offer high quality honey, one of the best in the world!

"Bulgaria is # 1 in Europe due to the number of organically grown colonies and in a leading position in the production of organic honey"